Singapore. Capital Tower

Singapore is a city whose appearance changes annually. New skyscrapers are constantly erected here; modern infrastructure, including roads, high-speed railway lines, parks, and gardens, is being built. It is surprising to see low-rise buildings at all, as the number of them is getting smaller every year.

At the bottom of the screen, we can see the Maxwell Chambers building with a domed tower. This historical monument of 1932 used to belong to Customs, but now it is used for arbitration in alternative dispute resolution.

Unfortunately, we cannot fully enjoy the architecture of skyscrapers, we can see only first floors of these tall buildings. In the center of the screen are the Capital Tower and the Frasers Tower, divided by Cecil Street.

The Capital Tower was built in 2000. The 254-meter high landmark of Shenton Way is known for its nightime illumination and the exclusive Chinese Club, located on the top floor of the tower. Entrance to the club is strictly limited, although it is just a bar with a restaurant and meeting rooms.

The second skyscraper was built in 2018. Its height is 235 meters, and offices of big companies are located on 38 floors. The building is environment-friendly. The Frasers Tower is also connected to the Singapore Underground.

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