Annaberg. Panorama of the Resort from Hennesteck Station

The cableway stations at various ski resorts are often called by the name of the mountain on which these stations are located. The Hennesteck Station, which helps athletes to climb almost to the very top of the mountain of the same name, whose peak is located at an altitude of 1,334 meters above sea level, is no exception. By the way, the upper station of the funicular is built only 44 meters below the top.

Ski and snowboard trails are laid, summer hiking routes are laid, mountain huts and restaurants are built on the southern slopes of Hennesteck. Annaberg Ski Resort is quite young, as it was opened in 2012.

Due to the comfortable relief, in the winter months, Mount Hennesteck is used not only for skiing, but also as routes for ski mountaineering and snowshoe hiking.

The camera shows us the panorama of the resort, Alpine landscapes, as well as a reservoir at the foot of the mountain that is used in winter for snowing down the ski slopes.

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