Dongyin. Port Dongyin Zhongzhu

Lianjiang Islands have many amazing places that travelers from all over the world are striving to get into. We are going to the gate of Dongyin Island, to the port of Dongyin Zhongzhu. Tourists get to the island through this port. Ships make both short trips to the main island of the county, Nangan, and long trips to Taipei.

Near the port, there is a tourist center, where tourists can get all the information about the sights of the island. Be sure to visit this center, there is an observation deck which offers a stunning view of the island and the port, which we can see on the screen.

Dongyin Island consists of two islands connected by a small isthmus. In the background, we can see the western island of Dongyin, where the military base is located, as well as the Northern Border viewing platform.

Because of the strongest monsoons, navigation from November to March is very limited, so tourists are advised to go on a trip to the islands of Lianjiang County in the summer months.

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