Nangan. Port Nangan Fu'ao

The Taiwanese islands of Lianjiang can be called satellites of the main island of the county, Nangan. This is where the large airport is located, as well as the Nangan Fu’ao harbor that you see on the screen. Ships and boats leave the port in different directions, to the neighboring islands of Juguang and Dōngyíng, as well as to the main island, Taipei.

The population of Nangan is about 6,000 people, which is several times more than on other islands of the county. It is not surprising that the island’s territory is being actively and densely built up. Literally a couple of meters from the port of Nangan Fu’ao, named after the nearby village, there is a large stadium, a tourist center, a Taoist temple, hotels and restaurants, as well as Fu’ao parks.

Due to the great popularity of the island, the economy of Nangan is rapidly developing, due to which a cargo port has appeared near the Nangan Fu’ao Harbor.

In the background, you can see the Qiugui district, where the mountain of the same name and the lake are located. Eponymous viewing platforms offer magnificent views of the village and the port of Fu’ao, as well as neighboring islands.

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