New Taipei City. Dahan Bridge

In Xinbei, many automobile and pedestrian bridges have been built across the Dahan River. For the convenience of local residents and visitors to the city, webcams have been installed near the bridges, which allows one to evaluate the traffic situation at crossings. We are located near the bridge, which is named after the Dahan River.

The bridge was built in four years, and the first cars drove through it in 1987. The length of the Dahan Bridge is 1,230 meters and it is 30 meters wide. Today, the bridge is part of the main East-West expressway connecting the main national roads of Taiwan. Parallel to the bridge, an open part of the Taipei metro line was built.

The camera is installed in Zhongzheng Street and directed toward the Dahan Bridge. In order to get to the bridge and the opposite bank of the Dahan River, you need to drive under the bridge and turn left. On the screen, we can see cars that have crossed the river and are going to Chung Cheng Street from Dahan Bridge.

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