Taipei. Zhongzheng. The Control Yuan

We can see the Taipei region of Zhongzheng. The camera is installed at the intersection of Guan Zhong and Zhong Shan streets. There are several administrative buildings and educational institutions of the city, as well as hotels, temples and a children’s hospital at this intersection.

The most interesting building is located on the opposite side of Zhong Shan Street. The building of the government institution Control Yuan was built in 1915 and today it is one of the main architectural monuments of the city, in the Baroque style. Since 1998, the building is open for visits on Fridays.

As for the Control Yuan, this main supervisory authority of Taiwan is an analogue of the European Accounting Chamber and controls the budgets of all government organizations and has other audit functions as well. Members of the Control Yuan are independent and are outside the party control.

Guests of Taipei can stay at the prestigious five-star Sheraton Grand Hotel Taipei which is behind the historical building. The cost of rooms here starts from 200 US dollars.

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