New Taipei City. Music Park

Xīnběi City, by analogy with Taipei, is densely built up with residential buildings, skyscrapers, and an endless network of roads. But in this industrial diversity, there is a place for a small corner of nature. We are in the Banqiao area, not far from the river along which the border of two major Taiwanese cities passes.

The Music Park borders residential areas and the Wanban Bridge. Datong water park used to be there. The water park was opened in 1971 and had worked for exactly 20 years. The popular entertainment center had to be closed, due to the construction of a new bridge. The music park was opened in 2001.

Unlike most parks with walking paths surrounded by floral decorations, the Music Park offers residents open-air concerts in an amphitheater. In addition to the concert stage, in the Music Park you can find a Dutch clock, a civic activity center, a fountain, and various recreation areas.

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