Glanz an der Weinstraße. Community Panorama

Glantz an der Weinstrasse is a small Austrian community on the Slovenia border, 20 kilometers north of Maribor. The first mention of this place dates back to the beginning of the 12th century. Since then, not much has changed; the population of the community is only 1,500 people and the nature has remained untouched.

This panoramic camera is installed next to a local landmark, a sculpture called “Bunch of Grapes.” It has not appeared here casually, as this region of Austria is considered one of the main suppliers of wine in the country. Tourist groups often walk along the paths, shown by this panoramic camera, from one vineyard to another.

This part of the country produces about 1.5 million liters of wine per year. So, if you are tired of the Austrian ski resorts, you should go on a tour of Glantz an der Weinstrasse, where you may not only get to know the natural beauties of Austria but also try the wine of local producers.

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