Kappl. Trails on the Slopes of Alblittkopf

In keeping with established tradition, cableways and trails get their names after the mountain on which they are built. So it is with the Kappl Resort. We are looking at the Alblittkopfbahn ski lift and the routes for skiers and snowboarders.

Alblittkopf is 2,720 meters above sea level, and the upper station, Alblittkopfbahn, is only 77 meters lower. Since 2001, this four-seat armchair by Doppelmayr has carried tourists 505 meters high, at a speed of five meters per second.

The station of Alblittkopfbahn is the highest point of the ski resort, so on the screen we can see only experienced skiers. The training trails are lower and served by simple ropeways.

The turning camera shows us not only the ski infrastructure of the resort, but also the valley of the Trisanna River, where several villages, including Kappl, are built.

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