Seefeld in Tirol. Community Panorama

We can see one of the popular communities near Austrian Innsbruck. The panoramic camera in the western part of the Seefeld in Tirol Resort shows us the main tourist infrastructure facilities, as well as some of the village’s attractions.

You have probably noticed the church with unusual domes — this is the Seekirche. It was built in 1666 and 150 years later became a popular pilgrimage site. The Baroque church is now a monument of architecture.

Just outside the church, we can see an aqua center with swimming pools, an unusual place for a winter resort, but Seefeld in Tirol is visited all year round. In the summer, you can swim in local lakes or play golf, as well as walk along the mountain peaks.

On the slopes of high mountains, which you see in the background of the image, there are routes of the local ski resort. We can see Seefelder Spitze (2,221 meters above sea level), Harmelekopf (2,224 meters), Reither Spitze (2,374 meters) and other mountain peaks.

On the right, we can see the Olympic Sports Complex.

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