Serfaus. Panorama of the Community

We are in the popular ski resort of Serfaus, Tirol. The camera of the community is installed in the four-star hotel, Amadeus Micheluzzi, where guests can stay in comfortable rooms at a price of 120 euros per night. It includes three meals a day, so this is quite a profitable offer. If you get bored with the hotel’s ration, you can always try new dishes in Serfaus restaurants, such as Leithe Wirt.

Holidays in the Inn Valley offer several options for skiing and snowboarding. There are other settlements in the valley, such as Fis and Reed, where cable cars and ski slopes are also built. Summer holidays in Serfaus are also exciting. At this time of the year, you can take a trip along mountain trails, relax near mountain lakes, or in local spa centers.

The PTZ camera covers almost all of Serfaus and shows us the ski slopes, hotels, and houses of the community. When you turn the camera to the east, you can see the bell tower of one of the churches of the village. This gothic church was built in 1497.

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