Waidring. Ski Slopes

The village of Waidring, or rather, its resort area, is located in an unusual place. The community itself belongs to the territory of Tyrol. Tourists can use the 15-seat cabins of Steinplattenbahn in the ski area (we can see it on the screen), which is in the land of Salzburg. Some of the resort’s tracks are close to Germany, so Austrian Waidring can be called a resort on several borders.

The panoramic camera in the upper part of the resort shows us several lifts and Weidring tracks. The funicular nearest to the camera is Steinplatte. It was built in 2005 and consists of cable cars with 8 seats, moving at a speed of 5 meters per second.

A little further out, you can see the ski routes under the less capacious and older cable way, Kapellen. Waidring lifts and routes are numerous, but they are not difficult because the slopes of the mountain do not have any sharp differences in altitude.

Thanks to a single ticket for all ski lifts of the resort, tourists can explore the most interesting trails in a few hours. One day of skiing costs 45 euros.

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