We are in one of the central districts of the capital. The camera periodically changes its position, so we don’t know what you see right now :)

One of the main attractions of Sarajevo is the ancient Islamic mosque of Ali Pasha, built in 1561. We can see it on the screen. A number of government agencies are concentrated around the mosque, including the Bosnia and Herzegovina court building, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ali Pasha’s mosque consists of a one-dome prayer hall and a minaret. The architecture of the building is in the classic Istanbul style. In the dungeons of the mosque, there are two graves. The activists of Gadjret are buried there.

Unfortunately, the mosque was seriously damaged in the 1990s by the Serbian troops. Ali Pasha’s dome was significantly damaged. In 2004, the reconstruction was made and the mosque was included in the list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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