On your screen is Nova Zenica, one of the districts of the city of Zenica. The camera is installed next to the railway and Zmaja od Bosne. You can see the traffic on the road, and in clear weather, you can look at the architectural sights of this area.

Right behind the rails is the Hifa Petrol gas station and the university building. To the left, we can see the office of a local construction company, ITC. If we go north, we will see the factories and industrial enterprises of the city, where residential buildings border the industrial zone.

Zmaja od Bosne connects the center of Zenica with the Blatuša District and then goes to the intercity road, between Sarajevo and the northern cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nearby is the Bilino Polje Stadium, opened in 1972. It’s interesting that the country’s football team had never lost a game there, but in 2008, the Belgian team beat Bosnia and Herzegovina in this arena and broke the tradition.

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