Banff National Park. Downtown

Banff, Canada is a popular tourist destination, but it still has its provincial charm and comfort. We are located in the very center of the city, but at the same time, it looks like a sleepy area. Around Banff Avenue and Caribou Street, there are popular cafes and shops, art galleries (Canada House Gallery and Willrock & Sax Gallery), a history museum, a fire station, and several hotels.

The camera is installed in King Edward Hotel, where tourists can rent a room for 300 CAD per day. Across the road is a more comfortable hotel, Mount Royal, where a double room costs 400 Canadian dollars.

On the opposite side of the intersection, behind Rose & Crown Cafe, locals and Banff guests can relax in Banff Avenue Park.

But the main asset of Canadian Alberta is not the city, but the nature of the province. This camera shows high mountains, the Cascade in particular. In the winter, the slopes of the surrounding mountains turn into the ski slopes of the resort, Banff Sunshine.

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