Santa Maria. The Pier

In 1830, the village of Santa Maria was founded on the southern shore of the island of Sal, the Republic of Cabo Verde. Thousands of tons of salt were mined here annually, and piers were used for its export. At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the decline in salt production, the residents of Santa Maria had to change their field of activity and they tried fishing. They fished from the piers that had been used to transport salt to Brazil.

Today, the piers of Santa Maria, including the one we see on the screen, are still actively used for fishing. But today, it is simply one of the attractions for many tourists or a tradition for local fishermen.

Another famous Santa Maria pier is located a bit to the east, 350 meters from this webcam, where you can see the ruins of an old pier built in the 19th century, on Cape Ponta de Vera Cruz. This cape has several restaurants and hotels, as well as a historic lighthouse.

We are looking at the coast from the LobStar restaurant, where you can taste famous lobster dishes.

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