Hong Kong. View of Shenzhen from Elegantia College

Elegantia School is 35 kilometers away from the center of Hong Kong and is located near the border with Shenzhen, the buildings of which you can see on the screen. When this weather webcam was installed, viewers could see the KK100 skyscraper in the area of Luch, but now it is hidden behind the new buildings.

You can also see other high-rise buildings in Shenzhen, for example, Ping An International Financial Center in Futian (the distance to the tower is about eight kilometers) and China Merchants Bank Tower (the height of the skyscraper, built in 2001, is 249 meters).

The Hong Kong Golf Club is closest to the Elegantia College. Its relief and woodland are popular with golf players. The college is situated in the Fanling district. A giant residential complex, Ching Ho Estate, is situated to the east of the college.

As for the school itself, Elegantia College is an excellent example of a good educational institution with many classrooms and laboratories, various sports facilities, and other infrastructure.

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