Kolan. Panorama of the Coast

The islands of Croatia are famous for their long sandy beaches, which are annually visited by many tourists from around the world. However, not all travelers know that there are interesting mountain routes on some islands, such as Pag. One of the routes runs through the village of Kolan, where this webcam is installed.

Kolan was built at the foot of Gradac, Nebeska, and Brizi mountains (206, 256, and 134 meters high, respectively). These mountains protect the village from the winds. In addition to hotels and several shops in Kolan, you can find a small cheese making factory. We are looking at the Adriatic coast from the restaurant of this factory.

The dairy on the island of Pag is the most modern in all of Croatia. It was built in 2009, and since then, its products are known not only in Croatia, but also far beyond its borders. The factory restaurant and shop are popular with tourists, and tours of the dairy itself are held regularly.

The camera shows us a panorama of the island, as well as villages on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

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