Martinšćica. Panorama of the Resort

The camera of hotel Zlatni Lav is directed towards the west coast of the island of Cres. We can see a small Croatian resort, Martinšćica. The population of the village is less than 150 people and almost all residents are engaged in tourism.

Zlatni Lav is one of the most remote hotels in the resort, but it is just four minutes from Martinščica Bay. Guests of the village prefer not to stay in hotels, but in campsites, of which there are several in Martinščica to the west of the hotel.

Vacationers can go on sea cruises from the boat station, go fishing in the Adriatic Sea, horseback riding, and other entertainment. A special place in Martinščica is occupied by a beautiful wooded peninsula, which forms a gulf.

Despite its modest size, Martinšćica has several interesting sights, like the Church of St. Jerome and the Church of St. Martin.

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