Novi Vinodolski. Pier in the East of the Town

In front of us is a pier on the outskirts of the Croatian spa town of Novi Vinodolski. Unlike the rest of the coast, on the screen we cannot see sandy beaches, but the wharf of Navitech instead, which is engaged in servicing yachts and other private vessels.

If you have problems with your boat and its weight does not exceed 20 tons, then this pier will perfectly fit as a repair site. In town, closer to the center of Novi Vinodolski, there is another marina owned by this company. You can leave your ship for the winter at the docks of this company, which is why large hangars and warehouses are in the industrial zone of the town.

In addition to repairs and consultations, you can fuel the ship in the port. The depth of the sea, at the pier you see on the screen, is five meters, which is quite enough for mooring a vessel.

Just behind the repair pier, there is the E65 road which stretches along the whole coast of Novi Vinodolski. You can get to the main port in just a few minutes.

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