Pakoštane. Franjo Tudjman Monument

Monuments of Franjo Tudjman, set up all over Croatia, often become the object of irony, they are not prominent works of art. The monument on the seafront of Pakoštane resort stands out favorably against other sculptures dedicated to the first president of independent Croatia.

The sculpture, which we see in the center of a circular movement, depicts a statesman sitting in a huge chair and looking thoughtfully toward the island of Veli Školj, which we see in the background of the image.

The camera is installed in the four-star hotel, Villa Ljubica. Despite its convenient location near the beaches and the port of Pakoštane, the cost of rooms with sea views and giant beds is about 50 euros.

In the part of the resort that we see on the screen, the main objects of the resort are concentrated — the port, beaches, hotels and restaurants, as well as the main square, Pakoštane.

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