Tinjan. Market Square

Istrian County of Croatia is known for its seaside resorts. Small settlements such as Tinjan rarely appear in the tourist routes of travelers. Perhaps the provincial town has its unique authentic atmosphere due to this.

The Tinjan community consists of several small villages. This online webcam is installed in the central village on the market square. In the center of the square, we can see one of the attractions of Tinjan. In addition to the white monument, you can see architectural monuments, such as the Church of Saints Simeon and Judas Thaddeus.

Despite the meager set of places of interest, a walk through Tinjan might be very interesting for guests of the town. Watching everyday life and classic Croatian houses that have been here for decades and imagining yourself as a local resident is great entertainment for one day of sightseeing.

It is not difficult to get to Tinjan, especially for auto travelers who go from the depths of the mainland toward such famous beach resorts as Rovinj or Pula.

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