Tkon. View of the Town from the Pier

In front of us is a cozy resort, on the second largest island of the Zadar archipelago. From the pier, which we can see on the screen, it is only 2.5 kilometers to the mainland of Croatia, so the way to Pašman Island doesn’t take much time. Behind the pier, we can see the development along Na mulu promenade.

The successful location of the resort near large settlements, Zadar Airport and national parks, makes Tkon one of the most popular tourist centers of the country. It is interesting that local residents prefer to call it Kun, yet the official name of Tkon has been preserved since the middle of the 19th century.

Over the years, neighboring Pašman and Ugljan had been known as islands with many fishing villages, but over time, the local population turned tourism into the main source of their income. Ecotourism has been developed more recently.

Along the entire coast of Tkon, there are small sandy beaches where all the guests of the island can relax.

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