Umag. Križine Village Coast

The Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea offers a lot of large and small resorts. Often they are located next to each other. At least this can be said about the village of Križine, in the vicinity of Umag.

The camera is installed in the Zlatna Vala Hotel. At the height of the season, double rooms are from 80 euros per day. Despite its three stars, Zlatna Vala has its own tennis court and a terrace bar with a wonderful view over the bay. We can see this bay on the screen.

On the opposite side of the bay is the main beach of Križine, Špina. Next to it is a small marina for pleasure boats, which we can see in the center of the image.

A ferry runs from Umag to famous Venice, which is located on the other side of the sea, just 50 kilometers west of the Croatian resort. The cost of sea travel to the city on the water is 70 euros.

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