Veli Losinj. Church of St. Anthony the Great

One of the most spectacular views in the Croatian resort of Veli Lošinj opens from the embankment, where a café-bar, Eskimo, and the hotel Vila Tamaris are situated. We can see not only quays with boats, but also a real architectural masterpiece of the town, the Church of St. Anthony the Great. Until the 17th century, a small church built in the 15th century had been situated there.

The construction of a new church began in 1774. The modern basilica stands on the foundations of the old church, thus symbolizing the continuity of the Veli Lošinj generations. In the church, tourists can see masterpieces of Italian artists, including Bernardo Strozzi, Lattanzio Keren, Francesco Hayez, Francesco del Cossa, and other great artists of different eras.

If you are interested in history and architecture, then Veli Lošinj is an excellent choice. In addition to a beach holiday on the pebble coast, the resort offers medieval monuments, such as the Church of St. Helena or a defensive tower, which has a museum.

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