The Three-Cross Hill, in the southeast of Karlovy Vary, is the best observation platform from which you can get to know the Czech city. This camera is installed on one of the viewing platforms of the hill. It’s like we are looking at postcards with the most recognizable views of the city.

The three crosses on top of the hill were installed in 1640, as a reminder that Karlovy Vary was returning to the Catholic faith. At the beginning of the 19th century, several sites were cleared on the hill, which instantly became a favorite place of meeting for local residents and visitors to the city.

Tourist routs often include walks in the surrounding forests. There are more than 20 routes for people with different physical capabilities. There are both paths on a flat landscape, and difficult paths along the slopes of the mountains, including the Three-Cross Hill.

The PTZ camera shows us the historical buildings of the city, located at the foot of the hill, as well as on the neighboring slopes. You can see Mlyn Colonnade, the Wax Museum, the Teply embankment, and other architectural masterpieces of the city.

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