Prague. The Charles Bridge. Hradčany View

A webcam with a splendid panorama view located at the Pachtuv Palace hotel will let you enjoy several sights of Prague at once. You’ll go for a virtual walk across sights such as: Prague Castle, Saint Vitus Cathedral, the Charles Bridge, the Novotny footbridge, Petřín Lookout Tower, the Church of Saint Nicholas, Loreta, Kampa and the Church of Our Lady Victorious.

The Guinness World Records say that Prague Castle is the biggest castle in the world. Traditionally, Prague Castle was the residence of the Czech leadership and now it’s the residence of the Czech Republic president. The castle complex includes Saint Vitus Cathedral – a true architectural masterpiece, it’s one of the most beautiful and oldest cathedrals in Europe.

Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge across the Vltava River and the second oldest bridge in Czech Republic. Nowadays, it’s occupied by street traders, artists and musicians. Regardless of the weather, the bridge is full with crowds of tourists because it’s a real open air museum. The main points of interest of the bridge are thirty sculptures that tell you about historic events of the country. The John Nepomucene sculpture is the most reputed and well-known. People say a wish will definitely come true if one touches this sculpture. No wonder parts of the sculpture are polished till they shine.
The Novotny footbridge is located on the right bank of the Vltava River. On the bridge is the Old Town Water Tower.

The Petřín Lookout Tower can also be called the younger sister of the Eiffel Tower. It has two viewpoints from where the whole Czech capital can be observed.
The Church of Saint Nicholas is a monumental building on the Lesser Town Square built in Baroque style.

Loreta is an abbey complex, the central construction of which is the Holy Hut – a construction that represents the hut in Nazareth where Lady Mary lived with the Christ child. The complex also includes the church of the Lord’s Birth, a cloister and treasury.

Kampa is Prague’s Venice. It’s a small island on the Vltava River which is separated from land by the Chertovka River. One can get there by crossing the Charles Bridge. Kampa is a very beautiful and calm place in the middle of the capital city.

The Church of Our Lady Victorious is well known for the Infant Jesus – a wax-coated wooden statue regarded as the main catholic relic of the Czech Republic.

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