The Czech ski resort of Špindlerův Mlýn offers tourists several ski areas with a common starting point at Medvědín Station. The camera is installed at this station and shows us not only the eponymous cableway, but also the magnificent landscapes of the Czech mountains.

Medvědín is the main lift of the resort. The difference in altitude between its lower and upper stations is almost half a kilometer, so there are several difficult trails for skiers. Medvědín, with four-seater chairs, was built in 1994. It is capable of carrying up to 2,400 tourists per hour.

We are at an altitude of 1,235 meters above sea level. In addition to cableway stations, a restaurant with a simple name, Restaurant Medvedin 1235 m, was built on this peak. In addition to fast food, it serves national Czech cuisine.

On the southern slope of the mountain, there are also several interesting trails in the Horní Mísečky-Medvědín district. This area is served by a simple but reliable ski lift. The rotary camera does not capture this slope, but it shows a large inscription on the top of the mountain: M E D V E D I N.

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