Copenhagen. Islands Brygge. View from Langebro Bridge

In front of us is a new multifunctional center called BLOX in Copenhagen. The camera is installed on the tower of the Langebro Bridge, looking in the northeast direction. They plan to open a creative workshop, a shopping center, offices and other employment centers in BLOX. Unusual architecture, which is presented by cubes set in a chaotic manner, nonetheless blends harmoniously into the historic ensemble.

Very close by, is the building of Christian IV’s Brewhouse, built in the early seventeenth century. In the left part of the screen is the house of Falkoner Kollegiet ApS, which embodies the classic architecture of the Danish capital.

Another great attraction is a couple of blocks from the new building of BLOX, it is Christiansborg Palace. Now the Danish Parliament is based here, but Christiansborg used to be a castle, dating from 1167, and then a royal palace until 1849.

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