Bad Hindelang. The Oberjoch Pass 1,380 Meters

In the Alpine valley, surrounded by mountain slopes, lies the village of Bad Hindelang, a place where allergy sufferers forget about their ailment. Perhaps you have already come across this — the allergy season, you come to some place and, despite the flowering of your “favorite” plants, you have no allergy.

Bad Hindelang is one of those places. The cleanest ecology, the quality of local products, and the Alpine air all contribute not only to the instant disappearance of the symptoms of the “disease of the 21st century,” but a longer stay and treatment in a specialized sanatorium will help you forget about it forever.

It is not very pleasant to ride down mountain slopes with a stuffy nose, teary eyes or itchy rash. But the conditions are ideal here. By the way, there are not only thermal, but also mud baths in Bad Hindelang.

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