Despite its modest size, the mountain of Bolshoi Javor on the border of Germany and the Czech Republic has a full-fledged ski resort with a variety of lifts, trails, and other tourist infrastructure. We are at the main station of the resort, Arber. Tourists can come by private transport and leave it in a huge guest parking lot. There is also a sports equipment store and a restaurant. There are hotels either on the slopes of the mountain or along Brennesstraße.

As you can see, at the Arber station, there is a resort’s ticket office, various souvenir shops, and a playground; there are a lot of children during the summer months.

We can also see two cabin funiculars. The height difference between the lower and upper stations of the resort is 342 meters with several slopes.

The first cableway appeared on Bolshoi Yavor in 1949. It was a chair lift with a capacity of only 180 people per hour. There are a lot of tourists here now, so resort lifts are having a hard time coping with a large flow of passengers (especially on weekends).

At the top of the mountain, we can see a radar station, next to which the upper cable car stations, restaurants, and hotels are built.

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