This surveillance camera is in the Glashütte area, located south of Bodenmais. On the screen, we can see a panorama of the entire community, as well as the natural landscapes of the Bavarian Forest. In this area, there are several guest houses, such as Bodenmaiser Blick, restaurants, a farm, as well as Gutsalm Harlachberg Resort and Märchenalm Children’s Park.

Bodenmais is known as a climatic health resort, where you can find several ski areas. Previously, the economy of this community was built on the extraction of silver ore in the subsoil of Mount Zilberberg. Later, local artisans succeeded in processing glass. Even now, glass manufacturing remains an important industry in the town.

Today, mines with almost no ore are used as exhibition complexes and museums. As tourists come to Bodenmais to look at the natural beauty, the community itself remains without proper attention to the guests. This is a big mistake because there is the Catholic parish Church of the Assumption, built in the beginning of the 19th century, the old town hall, many nice buildings constructed in the best architectural traditions of Germany, and other attractions in town.

The tourist flow in Bodenmais is growing every year. Now, almost 200,000 people come there annually, spending an average of 5-6 days.

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