Düsseldorf. View of the Rhine in the Direction of Oberkassel

The camera is installed in a building, located on Marktplatz, one of the main squares of Düsseldorf. From the office window we can see the bridge and part of Reynkni Oberkassel, an administrative district of the city, located on the left bank of the Rhine. We can also see the river itself.

On the left side of the screen is Pegeluhr Tower with a beautiful clock that can be seen from almost any point of the embankment. Car traffic on the east bank of the river goes through the underground Rhine tunnel, which was allowed in order to create a comfortable area for walking and recreation right near the water. There are sidewalks and lawns, where not only tourists can picnic, but also where the neighboring office workers spend their lunchtime.

The cable-stayed bridge across the Rhine was opened in late 1969 and joined the Unterbilk and Oberkassel districts. The total length of the bridge is 561 meters and its width is 29 meters. It was originally planned to place a light clock here, but was later decided to mount it in the “foot” of the famous television tower, Rheinturm.

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