Goch. Nierswellel Park

Let’s go to the western provincial town of Goсh, in Germany. The camera shows us the favorite place of the townspeople for relaxation, Nierswellel Park. The cascade park is located on the banks of the River Nirs near the Bahnhofstrasse Bridge. In the water, we can see a small pier connected to the park by a bridge. In the background is a large children’s playground.

On the lawn of the park, you can have a picnic, and locals like to jog along the embankment of the Niers River in the morning and evening. There is a station for charging electric bikes, as well as a public toilet in the park. Various courses are held in Nierswellel, for example, yoga or tai chi. They can be paid or free courses organized by the municipality.

The park regularly hits local news, from time to time it gets flooded by the waters of the Nirs River; Nierswellel is the starting and ending point of popular bike races and so on. Next to the park is the main historical landmark of the town, the former water mill, Susmühle. Now, a hotel is situated in the old building of the 18th century.

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