In front of us is Nuremberg. In the Middle Ages, this German city used to be one of the most famous and significant cities in the country. Now, it is most famous for the Nuremberg process, which took place right after the Second World War, when the former leaders of Hitler’s Germany were accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The camera is installed in the building of the power supply company, N-ERGIEAktiengesellschaft. Thanks to a broad overview, we can see Südliche Fürther Straße, the futuristic building of Lutheran University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, the tower of the Catholic Church (we can see it when the camera is turned north), and the Nuremberg Fortress, the main attraction of the city. The fortress is constantly being reconstructed, so it is not surprising if, in the background of the image, you notice some construction equipment.

Thanks to this camera, you can estimate the development of the city and its general architectural ensemble, which is very harmonious.

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