Oberstdorf. The Village of Tiefenbach

Tiefenbach is located in the northwestern suburb of Oberstdorf, between the peaks of Sulzberg and Ochsenberg. The camera is installed on the slope of Gaißberg and shows us the full panorama of a small village. In the center of the image, among the classic German houses, stands a tall tower of the Church of St. Barbara, built in the middle of the 15th century.

Despite its modest size, Tiefenbach receives up to 240,000 tourists, annually. They come here in both summer and winter. On the snow-covered slopes of Bavaria, tourists go skiing, and when these slopes are green, travelers go for a walk along the mountain paths. Unlike other neighboring villages, Tiefenbach is also famous as a health resort because deposits of medicinal sulfur were found here some centuries ago. Sulfur baths are as popular with tourists as the ski slopes of Upper Algoya.

Tiefenbach was founded in 1458, and joined Oberstdorf not long ago, in 1972. The wonderful nature of the village, which we can see on the screen, is completed by the beautiful gorge of Breitachklamm, which runs along the 20-kilometer mountain river, Breitach. Visitors must pay a fee to enter the gorge.

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