Wernigerode. Town Panorama

The rotary camera in Wernigerode shows almost all the sights of this town. Let’s start from the left to the right.

The dominant architectural feature of the resort is Wernigerode Castle, which is located on a high hill and is one of the landmarks of the town. Excursions, during which tourists can get acquainted with medieval interiors, are conducted in the castle; wedding ceremonies, as well as historical reconstructions, during which knights and frauleins in the old costumes walk around the castle, are also held there. Restorers are constantly working in the castle because the building, which is almost 1000 years old, hides a lot of unsolved mysteries.

With the turn of the camera to the south, we can see the historical development of the town, including the Town Hall of Wernigerode, as well as its churches and towers. One of these towers has a height of 41 meters and was built in 1250, as part of the town gate.

In general, a diverse program is prepared for tourists in this German town, so guests of Wernigerode usually stay here for several days.

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