Heraklion. Port

We are leaving for the north coast of the island of Crete. Here, in the famous city of Heraklion, there is an equally famous port that connects the island with Greek cities like Athens, Cyclades and others. Up to 32 ferry terminals operate in the port daily. As in other parts of Greece, which is a country of two thousand islands, the port of Heraklion plays an important role in the economy of Crete. On the screen, we can see not only passenger but cargo ships too.

The seaport of Heraklion is the third busiest in all of Greece. The annual passenger flow that passes through this port is about two million people. The most popular tourist destination is the neighboring island of Santorini. For the convenience of passengers, several ferry companies, with different levels of service, operate at the port.

The camera is installed on Leof. Nearchou, near the old Venetian port. But for port buildings, parking lots, and restaurants, we can see a large breakwater near which a lighthouse is built. There is a large fountain in the center of a circular motion.

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