Mastichari. View from the Neptune Hotel

Kos is one of the Greek islands, closest to Turkey. That is why there are many attractions that were constructed in the middle of the last millennium by the efforts of different people. The most famous and popular places for tourists are the Ioannite Fortress, the Temple of Asklepion and Hippocrates Plane Tree.

Despite the fact that the island is small, there is an international airport because tourism is one of the main components of the Kos economy.

Hotel Neptune, where this camera is installed, is located between the two small villages of Mastichari and Marmari. The hotel occupies a large territory, which includes not only the accommodation itself, but swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, bars, and water equipment rental centers, so Neptune guests do not need to leave this paradise. You can drive around the island in a rented car to enjoy the local nature.

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