Pápa. Catholic Cathedral of St. Stephen

The church in the small Hungarian town of Pápa is located on the central square next to the Esterhaz Palace. The camera is installed opposite the main entrance to the Catholic Cathedral of St. Stephen. The church is the hallmark of the city, its high belltowers can be seen on souvenirs and postcards.

The cathedral was built in 1774, and the decoration of the facades took another 21 years. The first church in the city appeared in the 13th century near the modern cathedral. A new church was built just after a great fire in 1751.

The interiors of the temple are striking in their scale. Because of its large size, the interior is often called the “church hall.” The interior decoration combines several styles, including Baroque, Classicism, and Coptic style. Monumental painting on the ceiling and walls of the church produces a special impression on tourists. Most of the paintings describe different periods of the life of the holy martyr, Stephen.

The towers we can see in the center of the screen are 72 meters high. Under the church is a crypt where the members of the Esterházy family are buried, as well as local prosperous nobles.

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