Caorle. Panorama of Levante Beach

A stunning view of the giant Levante Beach opens to us from the balcony of Hotel Stellamare. The PTZ camera shows the popular Italian resort of Caorle, its waterfront and coastal infrastructure. From May to September, tourists from all over the world occupy the sandy beach of Levante. In order for everyone to have enough “place in the sun” the beach has a clear marking, so as not to mix the flow of tourists.

The three-star hotel Stellamare is built on the first line in the southern part of Levante Beach. Within walking distance, there are several bus stops, the Pope Square, Caorle museums, as well as one of the main attractions of the city, the church of the Madonna del Angelo, built near the sea. This unusual church, from the middle of the 18th century, can be seen when the camera is turned to the south.

Stellamare is considered a prestigious hotel, so the rooms here are more expensive than in similar accommodation options of the same level. A triple room is 220 euros per night. It includes a hearty breakfast, after which tourists can go to the sea right away.

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