Madesimo. Community Panorama

We are heading to Lombardy. The small community of Madesimo, with a population of about 500 people hides there, in the high Alpine mountains. The panoramic camera is installed on the western slopes of the village. In good weather you can see country houses or even Saints Peter and Paul Parish Church, the main attraction of Madesimo.

The village is known for the fact that, at the turn of the centuries, the most outstanding poet of 19th-century Italy, Josue Carducci, holidayed here. This Nobel laureate in literature had drawn inspiration from the local natural beauty. In addition to the high mountains, there are also several lakes around Madesimo.

The village is famous for its ski resort, Skiarea Valchiavenna. There are no very difficult trails, but local slopes will do just fine for a pleasant pastime. The cost of skiing at the resort is about 40 euros per day. This price includes a ski pass for all lifts. The total length of the ski runs of Skiarea Valchiavenna is more than 60 kilometers.

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