Palermo. Panorama of the Сity

This view of Palermo is revealed to us out of Hotel Bel 3, located in the western suburbs of Aeroporto Boccadifalco. In the background, we can see Mount Pellegrino rising above the Tyrrhenian Sea.

For visitors looking for a beach holiday, this accommodation option is suitable only if they have a car, because the road to the main beaches of the city takes about half an hour by car, but the cost of a room in this hotel starts at 40 euros per night.

Palermo is famous not only as a seaside resort but also as an historic Italian city with rich architecture. Ancient churches and monasteries can be found in different parts of the city. Norman Palace, the Palatine Chapel, Piazza Pretoria, Martorana and other attractions await you in this Sicilian resort.

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