Torgnon. Valle d'Aosta

this region of Italy. There are such famous mountains as Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso, and Matterhorn. In this area of northern Italy, the temperature is very low in the winter months.

The first inhabitants of the valley were the Celts and Ligurs. Then, representatives of the Ancient Roman Empire settled here. Occupying the strategically important mountain passes of Valle d’Aosta, the Romans began to develop the region and built roads and bridges. The name of the valley is associated with the Roman ruler, Augustus.

Before the construction of the hydroelectric power station, agriculture and livestock had been the main branches of the economy for many centuries. In addition to the power plant in Valle d’Aosta, ski tourism is actively developing.

In the Middle Ages, high mountain peaks became construction sites. Now, you can visit such famous castles as Fenis (13th century) or the Castle of Saint-Pierre (12th century) with a tour.

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