Venice. East and North Lagoons

We are in the northern part of Venice, where the famous city is separated from the neighboring islands by a wide lagoon. We are located at the Cantieri Biasin boat station, which offers its services to shipowners.

Here, you can leave your boat, 7 to 10 meters long. And of course, at the boat station, ships are serviced; they are dryed, fueled, repaired, and so on. Depending on the size of the boat, the cost of parking and maintenance of your vessel varies. For example, an annual Cantieri Biasin season ticket for the smallest craft costs € 1,850.

Two cameras at the boat station show us almost the entire northern lagoon of Venice. On the screen, we can see a lot of ferries connecting the neighboring islands. The nearest to us is San Michele Island. It is known for its cemetery. The composer, Igor Stravinsky, and a poet and playwright, Joseph Brodsky, are buried there.

In the background, you can see a larger island, Murano. It is worth visiting. Murano glass is made there, and there are themed museums and galleries.

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