Iida. Hotel Shirabiso

This mountain hotel, near the Japanese city of Iida, was built at an altitude of 1,918 meters above sea level. In addition to cozy rooms with a great view of the mountain peaks, there is a restaurant with local traditional dishes, such as rice cakes, oden, or Dengaku potato. In addition, Shirabiso has a conference room for 100 people and a grocery store.

The hotel is closed for the winter, so you should clarify the extreme dates on which you can stay in Shirabiso. It is best to book a room in advance because it can accommodate no more than 90 guests. Twenty-four rooms are decorated in Japanese style and two rooms in the western style. The cost of a double room is about 6000 Japanese Yen ($54).

All guest houses in the mountain passes of Iida have elegant architecture that fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The closest peak to the hotel is 2,212 meters above sea level. On the way to it, you can visit several viewing platforms overlooking the high mountains.

The toughest tourists can stay in campsites at the foot of the mountain and go on foot to conquer the neighboring peaks.

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