Kasukabe. Crossroads near Kasukabe Choucho Daishi Park

Kasukabe is located 40 kilometers north of the Japanese capital. The city gained recognition all over the country, thanks to its furniture production, such as wardrobes of ‘Adam Tree’ (Paulownia). It is not difficult to guess that this tree is the official symbol of Kasukabe.

Kasukabe acquired the status of a city in the middle of the last century. It is worth noting that a populated locality in this place appeared quite recently, in the 19th century. Kasukabe was initially known as the postal railway station, on the way from Edo to Nikko.

The main attraction of the city is the Tokyo flood control reservoir. This unique structure is a system of tunnels and reservoirs designed to collect water, under the city, during floods and typhoons. Then, all the water is pumped to the Edo River. For a partial recoupment of such a grandiose project, excursions are conducted in the reservoir. It is interesting that the entrance to the flood control reservoir is free, since the souvenir shops and other objects at the entrance make money.

The camera is installed next to Kasukabe Choucho Daishi Park. Among the residential high-rise buildings, we can see a small restaurant serving Soba, a traditional Japanese national dish.

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