Playa del Carmen. Panorama of the Beach

Playa del Carmen is a popular tourist destination on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. The resort is known for its beaches stretched along the entire coast. Almost all buildings near the sea are occupied by hotels and rental housing. We are looking at the beaches of Playa del Carmen from one of the coastal hotels.

The swivel camera shows us yachts and boats moored at the shore, the old and new piers, and of course, the beach itself. In this part of the resort represented on your screens, the beach is not wide, compared to the northern recreation areas.

Playa del Carmen used to be an undistinguished fishing town, but now it is very popular with beach lovers and tourists looking for thrills. A couple of dozen kilometers from the coast is the island of Cozumel, where the world-famous diving center is located. You can get to the island by ferry or on small ships.

It is interesting that you can stop right at the beach, either in expensive and comfortable hotels or in cheap apartments. The cost of rented accommodation and rooms in hotels, starts from $ 50 per night.

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