Rafailovići. Bečići and Rafailovići Beaches

Bečići and Rafailovići are two resorts known as major tourist centers, near Montenegrin Budva. The local population is a little over 1000 people, but at the height of the summer season, thanks to the tourists in the streets, it becomes very crowded.

The camera shows us the two-kilometer Bečići beach, as well as part of Rafailovići beach. Beach resorts are one of the main attractions. This is evidenced by the Grand Prix received in Paris, which brought Bečići the title of Europe’s most beautiful beach (in 1935).

You can see not only magnificent beaches and the high mountains in the background, but also a large amount of construction equipment building new hotels and entertainment complexes, and modernizing the old buildings of Bečići.

Sometimes, you can see ships and boats going along the Adriatic Sea.
There are not only private yachts, but also sightseeing boats and boats on which you can go on a sea voyage. Most often, Bečići is an intermediate point on a sea cruise starting from larger cities.

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