Kathmandu. Dharahara Tower Ruins

We are leaving for the center of Nepal, and its capital, Kathmandu. On the screen, we can see the wreckage of a once gigantic structure. Usually such ruins in ancient cities tell about a rich history, but in this case, the situation is different. The webcam shows us the remains of the Dharahara tower, which was built only 200 years ago in 1832. Dharahara’s twin tower, Bhimsen, was built in Kathmandu several years earlier.

Both towers were 11 stories, with a height over 60 meters. The tall twin towers served as lookouts. The watchmen gave a signal to collect troops, with the help of special pipes, when the enemy armies were seen.

The destruction of the towers began in the early 19th century. In 1834, much of the construction of the Bhimsen tower was destroyed. This is due to the earthquakes that periodically occur in different parts of Nepal. One hundred years later, in 1934, the Bhimsen tower was destroyed by another earthquake. Dharahara was half destructed and was restored and named after the destroyed tower, Bhimsen.

Unfortunately, this landmark of Kathmandu was destroyed by another earthquake in 2015, when 200 people died, including tourists who were walking in the Dharahara region.

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